Scaling to PB within just Minutes – The Highway to Full Automation for Scale-Out Storage with Cisco UCS

Scaling to PB within just Minutes – The Highway to Full Automation for Scale-Out Storage with Cisco UCS

I have been a major enthusiast of automation practically since I found computer systems lots of many years in the past. It is my most loved matter about Cisco UCS.

These days, visitor blogger: Olli Walsdorf, Technical Marketing and advertising Engineer, discusses using Ansible with UCS.

Olli has more than 20 many years of storage working experience, functioning in various roles at various storage suppliers, and is now an professional for program-outlined storage at Cisco. For the previous four many years Oliver was focused on producing storage solutions at Cisco. With his concentration on SDS he drives the in general focus in the market for new systems.


Making Scale-Out Storage solutions can be now thoroughly automatic to lower the in general total of work and to quickly scale program-outlined storage environments within just minutes. Associates and buyers can start to leverage this capability using Ansible modules and playbooks for UCS Supervisor.

I have to admit that functioning in a Business Unit can be at times very complicated and quickly and then there is no time to replicate and see the major photograph, no make any difference which corporation you are functioning for. But at times assignments are crystal distinct, you cannot wait to see the result. A single of those people assignments is Automation for scale-out storage.

Major Photograph

In the 1990’s, where by I began functioning in the storage field, we dealt with GB of details and managed it by accomplishing a lot of handbook ways. Preliminary configuration and installation took a extensive time, at times times. In the 2000’s, storage arrays and disks obtained much larger and we dealt with then TB of details but with the very same difficulties as in the 1990’s. Now in the 2010’s the problem has not transformed that much. We’re now conversing about PB of details, even EB but the initial work in the commencing is continue to the very same and complicated.

We are here

There are exceptions but as soon as you appear to a task where by you need to have multi-PB, you operate into an difficulty of scaling your work of configuration and installation.

Problem #1:

People today could possibly believe of regular storage devices fixing their issue but they are limited in their potential to quickly and charge-proficiently scale to aid significant quantities of unstructured details. With now about eighty per cent of details staying unstructured, x86 servers are proving to be more charge successful, providing storage that can be expanded as quickly as your details grows. Software-outlined storage is a scalable and charge-successful tactic for managing significant quantities of details. Appears very good?

Problem #two

When scale-out storage grows, it can get complicated in configuring and setting up. This is one particular of the important road blocks when it arrives to company-readiness for program-outlined storage. Touching each and every server and configuring network ports, disk for storage, or even the install media can get a extensive time and is largely mistake-inclined. And it’s a variation to get ready 5 servers or fifty servers.


But there are two methods out of the problem that can enable a lot and lower the in general total of work to a least. Even significant environments never get extended than smaller sized environments when it arrives to the configuration and installation of the scale-out storage components.

  • Cisco UCS Supervisor: Building procedures and profiles and associating them to servers simplifies scale-out storage solutions a lot. There is no need to have to repeat distinct configurations for each and every server. Just assign the formerly produced Company Profile and you are performed. Cisco is accomplishing it now for practically 9 many years very profitable.
  • UCS Supervisor Ansible Modules: From time to time it does not make feeling to generate almost everything by using the UCS Supervisor GUI and you want to further more simplify the whole course of action for configuring and setting up servers. Then Ansible for UCS Supervisor ( is the appropriate way to move forward. You operate a complete Ansible Playbook with all variables you need to have and within just considerably less than two minutes your UCS Supervisor Company Profiles get linked.

Ansible is one particular way to use the UCS API as described in this web site. There are lots of methods to do it but we have found a very very good adoption of using Ansible for automation in details facilities.

We have now published all Ansible Modules for UCS Supervisor to configure a complete scale-out storage answer. A pair of alternatives for you to operate a scale-out storage Ansible Playbook for UCS Supervisor:

I did a rapid check of configuring and setting up two x S3260 Twin Node Chassis. You could use much more components – the time would be close to the very same as the course of action of association is effective in parallel. Just take a appear at the two minute video.

That offers us now a pair of benefits:

  • As much as I like the simplicity of UCS Supervisor GUI – when it arrives to scaling and automation then Ansible for UCS Supervisor can do it in a much shorter time.
  • You can operate the playbooks as normally as you want, even if you only want to adjust a compact matter like MTU sizing for the storage network.
  • The tale will get even much better when you combine the northbound Cisco Nexus switches in Ansible.



The task won’t cease here. Our following ways for scale-out storage automation are:

  • The comprehensive tale definitely arrives with the integration of scale-out storage suppliers. Continue to be tuned for the initially conclude-to-conclude Ansible comprehensive automation in the field, from network to compute to storage to program.
  • The major photograph for the Cisco UCS group is surely Cisco Intersight. Mid-term, we want to combine the scale-out automation into Cisco Intersight to make it effortless for buyers and partners to use from a central user interface.



Scaling program outlined storage solutions can be at times complicated and complicated in the commencing but there are methods out of the problem with Cisco UCS. Ansible for Cisco UCS offers an effortless way to scale your atmosphere within just minutes no make any difference how much capacity you have.


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