Weekend Look at: Put up-Apocalyptic Kit-Bashing with Nick Weston

Weekend Look at: Put up-Apocalyptic Kit-Bashing with Nick Weston

I have been around the moon just lately for the tabletop wargame, Gaslands. In this article-apocalyptic auto overcome video game, you modify Matchbox and Scorching Wheels toy cars to convert them into overcome-worthy autos ideal for automobile-dueling. Buying loads of not-carefully-used toy cars on eBay and then going via your trash and old design kits, hunting for bits to weaponize and armor-up your autos, is just ridiculously-excellent exciting — at minimum for this getting older cyberpunk.

This passion obsession has me on YouTube a whole lot, scouring the modeling and miniature painting channels, hunting for inspiration. A single of my favourite channels to mine for Gaslands modeling suggestions is Nick Weston’s channel. Nick is not a Gaslander. He’s a package-bash modeler who just enjoys generating his possess scale products in a article-apocalyptic, Mad Max style.

Even though the scale in which Nick will work is various than what is used in Gaslands, all of the techniques he utilizes even now apply. Viewing these videos, you will study some fantastic state-of-the-art techniques, like sprue-shaping (in which you heat, stretch, bend, and condition the plastic body materials that design components come on to create your possess components), salt weathering (making use of a foundation coat, covering it in salt, painting around the salt, and then scrubbing the salt off), and a variety of rusting techniques (e.g. placing steel wool in vinegar to create a authentic rust clean).

In this article is a sampling of Nick’s videos:

A different modeling channel I actually like in which Gaslands-worthy autos are developed is JH Miniatures’ Wasteland Workshop. Here’s a sample of his channel’s written content:

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