Technical Pro PS9U Rack Mount Power Supply with 5V USB Charging Port

Technical Pro PS9U Rack Mount Power Supply with 5V USB Charging Port

Technical Pro knows that studio equipment and mobile DJ equipment requires a lot of power. It is very easy to quickly run out of power outlets for your gear. Power distribution and power drops are a very important aspect to designing your studio and mobile rig. Power drops are the amount of power you are using for any given wall outlet or power supply unit. It’s important to understand what you need and also feel secure that your power supply will not fail. The PSB9 1U Rack Mount Power Supply from Technical Pro is the perfect choice for all of you power supply needs! The PSB9 fits into any standard rack…your mobile rack OR your studio racks. The unit can handle a total load of 1800 watts. The back panel has 9 120V 3-prong plug sockets. On the front you will find on/off switches for each of the 9 inputs. Each power switch is illuminated in blue. This is very useful in knowing which sockets are on or off…one fast look to the front panel and you see which power switches are lit up or dimmed. If you are not using a particular socket just switch it off and save power while still being able to power the other sockets. Also located on the front panel is dependable 15A replaceable fuse housing. Connect the PSB9 to a power outlet by using the 6 foot high load power cord. If you are setting up a broadcast or recording studio use the PSB9 and properly distribute your power drops. If you are a mobile DJ or performer connect up your mobile rig and when you arrive at your venue you only need to worry about finding one power outlet! No more messy wires or extension cords! The PSB9 is a great choice for your power needs in your studio or while on the road. You can connect your audio, video and lighting equipment. Easily switch on/off your entire set up. And last but most definitely not least, FEEL SECURE that you have the correct power connections to properly power your gear.A must for every DJ! A/C power center designed to eliminate extension cords and messy wires 9 power switches on front panel with blue illumination
The perfect solution for switching on and off specific lights and sound equipment Convenient 5V USB charging port
Color: Black

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