Making the Cisco Connection: They Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower: New

Making the Cisco Connection: They Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower: New

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Making the Cisco Connection: They Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower: New

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Cisco Systems is known among the technology elite in Silicon Valleyas one of the most successful companies to emerge from the Valleyin many years. It has been dubbed computings nextSuperpower. Just as Intel and Microsoft soared to lofty heights with the riseof the personal computer, Cisco Systems is flying on thespectacular updraft of the Internet. The company, which makesspecialized computers that route information through anetwork–acting as a sort of data traffic cop–has captured 85percent of the market for routers used as the backbone of thebiggest network of them all, the Internet. As a result, over thelast five years, the value of Ciscos total outstanding stock hasrisen over 2,000 percent–twice the increase of Microsoft Corp.stock in the same period. Beginning as a tale of two collegesweethearts at Stanford University who cofounded the companyfifteen years ago, the often-told Cisco legend has all the makingsof a great novel–love, money, a villain or two, corporate coups,and the sweet taste of victory. But mostly, the Cisco story is avery unusual tale of corporate success. Despite the struggle ofpassing through several regimes, Cisco managed to hit all thecrucial spots of its business. Cisco consistently bestedcompetitors like 3Com and IBM with insight, innovation, customerfocus, and one of the biggest corporate buying sprees in history.Making the Cisco Connection deftly traces the networking giantspath to success, from its founding couple, Sandra Lerner andLeonard Bosack, to current CEO John Chambers. It highlights thecompanys astounding knack for buying other businesses and makingthem part of a huge conglomerate; its own highly developed use oftechnology; and its unusually tight-knit culture. Featuring theperspective of top Cisco executives and competitors, this bookreveals how Ciscos technology, employees, and even its competitionhave blended to make Cisco possibly the most important companyshaping the future of communications. Next to ruthless competitorsMicrosoft and Intel, Cisco shines with a kinder, gentler image,emphasizing happy customers and employees. Youll see how Ciscobuilt its impressive culture by cultivating community, boostingmorale, whittling down bureaucracy, and saving money to boot. Thisbook also explains how Cisco is positioning itself to enter a newcompetitive playing field, moving beyond Internet routers in anattempt to build a single, giant, global communicationssystem–based on the Internet–that would make the currenttelephone system obsolete. Cisco wants to be the company thatdelivers the infrastructure of this new network, which will combinecomputer networks with telephones, television, radio, and satellitecommunications. To do that, it is now challenging global giantssuch as Lucent Technologies and Fujitsu. Cisco plans to become thebackbone of the entire communications industry, making it acorporation of incredible power as the Internet Age blossoms in thenew millennium. Provocative and instructive, Making the Cisco Connection traces theunique history of one of the most profitable and enduringtechnology companies in business today. Acclaim for Making the CISCO Connection “If you want to learn the whole scoop about the first Internet-Agecompany, and one of the most successful firms of any age, youvecome to the right place. Bunnells treatment of Ciscos rise–andcontinued rise–is fascinating and full of human detail. Its clearthat Cisco is not just a firm with great technology, but also greatleaders and managers.”–Thomas H. Davenport, Director, AndersenConsulting Institute for Strategic Change; Professor, BostonUniversity School of Management “Cisco has emerged as a twenty-first century leader. David Bunnellcaptures the ongoing story of the Cisco executive team exploitingIT, structuring a unique organization, and creating a dynamicstrategy for this breakaway dot com company.”–Richard L. Nolan,William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration,Harvard Business School

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Author Adam Brate, David Bunnell
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Publisher Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, John
Publication Year 2000

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Table Of Content
The Truth behind the Cisco Legend (1984-1987). The Morgridge Years (1988-1995). The Inner Chambers (1977-1995). The Benevolent Predator (1996). A Day in the Life. Routing the Industry (1997-1998). The Virtual Corporation (1997-Present). The New Battle (1996-1998). Giving Cisco a Voice (1998-Present). Notes. Index.

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