Cisco-Linksys Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connection Model CM100 New

Cisco-Linksys Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connection Model CM100 New

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Marca: Linksys IID: 55976
Padrões: Docsis 1.0, Docsis 1.1, Docsis 2.0 Modelo: CM100
Portas de rede: Ethernet (RJ-45) Tipo: Cabo
Interface Card Type: Ethernet/ Network Cards DOCSIS Standard: DOCSIS 2.0


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Cisco-Linksys Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connection Model CM100 New

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Product Information
In the world of computer electronics, hardware equipment such as modems can often be complex to use. Not so with the Cisco Linksys CM100 100 Mbps Modem, it is uncomplicated and delivers fast cable Internet speeds, without confusing accessories and setup procedures. One phone call to the Internet Service Provider is all that it takes to complete the installation. A convenient CD that comes with the Linksys, contains the user guide and USB drivers for Windows users. The Linksys is compact and lightweight, at 7.8 ounces. It can be placed just about anywhere there is adequate space and access to the cable wire. The Linksys CM100 100 Mbps Modem is compatible with most ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The Linksys CM100 100 Mbps Modem features a single wired Ethernet port, and one USB port, that can connect a single computer, a wireless router, or a switch to the Internet. This will allow Internet connections and networking to be shared with all home computers or office devices, with the use of a wired or wireless router. Multiple search engines and apps will then be available to users. A home network will also be established. The coaxial cable port on the modem connects to the cable provided by the company that offers Internet service. An Ethernet connection, or a USB connection for Windows software users, are the two available options. A green ’online’ LED on the front of the modem indicates that an Internet connection is established and a power jack port is provided on the back of the modem. It receives power through the included power cord. Much faster than traditional dial-up speeds, the cable modem provides direct access to the Internet, without tying up a phone line. Online gaming will be more fun with faster speeds and reaction times. You can start downloading video, music or other large files, in a matter of seconds, instead of the hours it may have taken before using the modem. This cable modem is over 100 times faster than a dial-up modem. A financial benefit may also be available if an existing modem is being rented. Owning a cable modem eliminates the monthly rental fee from the Internet Service Provider. The Linksys CM100 100 Mbps Modem features an “always on” function that provides the ability to check E-Mail and surf the Web instantly. Support can be obtained through Cisco, FAQ (frequently asked questions) or through the Linksys Community Forums. If it becomes necessary to clear the modem’s connections and return it to the factory default setting, a reset button on the back panel is available. The Linksys Cable Modem is compliant with all FCC industry standards and it will work with any DOCSIS cable Internet Service Provider. The CSM100 has emerged as a leader among cable modems due its ease of use, the brand identity of CISCO and the reliability of its hardware.

Product Identifiers
Brand Linksys
UPC 0633815647803, 0745883578931, 0745883576074
Model CM100
eBay Product ID (ePID) 66768422

Product Key Features
Standards Docsis 1.0, Docsis 1.1, Docsis 2.0
Network Ports Ethernet (RJ-45)
Interface Card Type Ethernet/ Network Cards

Weight 0.49lb.
Width 4.8in.
Height 1.1in.
Depth 4.8in.

Additional Product Features
Platform PC Products
Data Transfer Rate 100Mbps
Cable Modem Docsis 1.0, Docsis 1.1, Docsis 2.0
Enclosure External
Transmission Line Cable
Brand Website
Hardware Interface Ethernet, RJ-45, USB

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